Cowl Anti Down Draft Kit

Cowl Anti Down Draft Kit

Cowl Anti Down Draft Kit

The Calcowl solves the problem of downdraught, thus ensuring a cleaner fresher environment within the home.

Calcowl is suitable for all types of fireplaces, oil, gas and solid fuel boiler systems.

Calcowl ensures a more evenly controlled draw and has shown improved "fuel consumption" performance by as much as 15%.

Calcowl reduces the risk of fire by greatly reducing the build up of tarry soot inside the flue system.

Calcowl is manufactured to the highest standards, using top quality acid resistant stainless steel.

Calcowl is maintenance free, easy to fit, silent, effective and fits most chimney sizes. Maximum external diameter 10 inches.

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Price: 132.72 (Including VAT at 20%)

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